Why us?

Innovative technology

The HMSC team of experts combine a broad range of skill sets, from conducting the business case, drafting the suite of documents, to managing the procurement process, structuring and negotiating the terms of the deal, closing the deal and transitioning into steady-state. Our range of expertise includes financial, medical technical, legal (procurement, contract, regulatory), project management, and health IT. Our team has extensive experience working inside hospitals and other health-related organizations and as such, appreciate the institutional subtleties that sometimes make the difference between achieving a good or an excellent result.

Our team also includes a rich network of independent advisors who help guide and provide strategic advice to the leadership group. These include preeminent physicians, former hospital C-suite administrators, health-industry thought leaders and former high-ranking government officials. Strong relationships form the core of HMSC’s success and we continuously share ideas and best practices to promote ongoing growth and engagement.


Meeting our Client’s Specific Project needs: HMSC knows that our clients’ knowledge, experience and commitment lead to successful project implementations. We take the time to truly understand what our clients’ business objectives are. As a result, our involvement varies from project to project.

Providing Cost Effective Solutions:  In order to maximize value for money, we deliver results quickly and reduce overall projects costs by ensuring knowledge transfer and buy-in from all stakeholders. We know what it takes to make a project attractive so that the “best value” can be achieved.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: HMSC does not provide financial accounting or auditing services and therefore avoids any potential conflict of interest in working with health systems.


HMSC concentrates on the healthcare sector and fully understands how the demands on health systems around the world are on the increase, putting new pressures on governments and health systems in particular, causing budgets to creep upwards relentlessly.

We understand how health systems face capital constraints that limit their ability to procure, maintain, refresh and upgrade medical and information technology at a time when the pressures to improve patient care continue to be paramount. Budgets constraints and technology obsolescence are serious problems for most health systems globally.

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