Our Capabilities

HMSC is regarded as a highly dynamic and progressive advisory firm with a solid reputation for excellence, and are best known for our ability to successfully deliver large projects. The last three managed services projects we delivered had a combined value topping $1 billion.

We have a reputation for innovation, responsiveness and quality work that is completed on-time, on budget and without any unnecessary drain on our client’s internal resources. We aim to explain complex matters in simple, concise language that facilitates decision-making and allows the project to proceed without getting bogged down unnecessarily.


We have extensive experience in healthcare, in the management of complex procurements projects within the hospital environment, in-depth experience in procurement law and broad international experience in the development of the MES model and are widely considered to be the word’s leading managed services advisory firm.

Our reputation for being able to meet the most complex financial, legal, technical and process challenges inherent in the delivery of large and/or complex healthcare projects, allows us to guide our clients to achieve a highly successful outcome within the timeframes required. Our toolkit of templates and processes allows our clients to streamline their procurement process to ensure they achieve a robust, value-driven, public sector process that is defensible and meets all regulatory requirements.

Procurements in which HMSC has advised have never been challenged by any disappointed bidder or any third party, legally or otherwise.

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